Coaching to get you on The RIGHT track


"Deanell Sandoval has been providing coaching services to managers and supervisors at the City for the past two years. She brings a unique combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to her work with clients. Her clients here at the City have real praise for her as a coach and therefore I would not hesitate to recommend her coaching services to others."


Specialize in coaching those experiencing change. This includes entrepreneurs starting or closing a business or growing to the next phase. Have you ever looked at your life and/or work and wondered, "how did I get here?" Did I choose this path or have I walked the path laid out before me without questioning my direction. Often we get so busy and "in" our lives, we forget we have choice. We guide this journey. My goal is to help people get on the right track. What you want is in you, coaching helps you get in touch with it.

"I wanted to let you know Susan has completely turned things around! I know you and I had a chance to touch base and you, too, had seen a shift in her. Well, it continues. It’s coming from deep down and it’s 100% authentic. So proud of her and so honored to have seen it. WOW! Thanks to you for your support, as well. What a great catalyst you have been for a serious transformation. She did the hard work herself…but having you to coach and prompt her made all the difference."


"This email is to let you know how much I enjoyed and benefited from my coaching sessions with you.  Thank you for helping me pinpoint my struggles and find solutions. You have a special gift for focusing on positive outcomes and helped me to do that as well.  I was always amazed at how you knew to ask just the right question, and then pointed me in the right direction.  I find myself happier, more motivated and more productive as a result of our time together. Many, many thanks!!!"

"Thank you SO much for all of the help you've given me across the board!  I can't tell you how valuable working with you is for me at both a personal and professional level."