productivity coaching

Clients reach out to us occasionally when their work or lives feel out of control with stuff and/or events. Somewhere along the way they started to say 'yes' to everything. When you are ready to get control of your time and life, this coaching focus may be beneficial for you. We start by analyzing your relationship to time and defining what is really important to you. This begins with a values exercise as values are at the foundation of everything. Once you understand your values, you can begin to design everything else around it.

Confidence coaching

"Confidence is the purity of action produced by a mind free of doubt.". - The Confidence Code.

We we coach people about confidence, we start with decision-making because they are so closely linked. Do you feel like you are struggling to make effective choices? We also tackle how effective you are at taking action. Confidence is linked to doing. it is a willingness to get out of your comfort zone and do hard things. The natural result of underconfidence is inaction.

Engagement coaching

We don't always realize when we disengage from our work or our lives. This might look like a lack of focus or motivation. The things that used to get us out of bed no longer seem like they matter. If you are lacking in inspiration and/or motivation starting with coaching could be a solution. We will try to get to the source of why you don't feel engaged in your own life, then challenge you to define new goals to re-engage you.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Starting a business can be overwhelming, scary and exhilarating. You will work harder and love what you do more than ever. The challenge is recognizing what you need to do and carving out the time to do it. What does the plan entail? How do you know when it's time to grow? How will you grow your company well? What if it is time to exit?

Leadership coaching

Leadership today requires that we be master communicators, inspire those around us, manage time, support innovation, provide feedback and model change. Every person is a leader and every role requires leadership. Our approach to leadership coaching will guide you to define your style and empower you to be the best leader you can be. We will have an honest exchange about building on strengths and addressing challenges. You should consider leadership coaching if, you manage people and strive to have influence.

Change Coaching

Nothing changes unless we change.

Change is a constant. You know this but how do you handle it? This focus on benefits anyone who is undergoing, considering or planning for significant change. This can include job, life, status or age. Sometimes we all get stuck and rather than move, we stay put, hoping and wishing life would change. It is challenging to see, think and act outside of the box when it feels like it is closing in on you. Coaching provides a clear view from outside the box.

Coaching to get you on The RIGHT track